Oris Aquis Date Blue Dial Watch

The dive watches are highly in trend these days, and you can find many types out there to buy. If you love to collect watches or you want to focus on the purchase of a beautiful watch that you can take along to dive underwater is called as the dive watch. These are widely popular these days, and you have to spend few bucks to buy these which make them better to prefer and highly reliable option.

However, if you are looking to buy a dive watch and want something premium, then Oris Aquis Date Blue Dial Watch is a good one. It is not a cheap watch for sure, and you have to spend a good amount of money to get it. Due to such reasons, you should check out all the major factors like as the quality of built, design and many other factors to avoid the wrong purchase. It will be better, to begin with, the overview and check out the photos.

Among all the popular Swiss dive watch manufacturers, Oris Aquis is one of the famous and widely preferred by thousands of people.

Overview of the Swiss dive watch

Oris Aquis Date Blue Dial Watch looks premium because it is made up of high-quality material. The body is made up of the premium quality precious alloy. There is steel that is used in the aerodynamic industries because of high-end strength, and great capacity is making it better. The design is surely the most premium.

The watch is shipped to many countries, and one can buy it from any country without a single issue. It is the major reason that Oris Aquis Date Blue Dial Watch is popular worldwide. As you can find that it is one of the premium Swiss dive watches, this is why it becomes the status symbol also and used by rich people. If you are wondering about features, durability and a genuine review, then hold on. You can find all the important things below and learn more about this dive watch.

And if you are thinking to buy the Swiss dive watch then make sure to check out the complete post and know more about it.

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Features of the watch

Plenty of numbers of great features are offered by this Swiss dive watch that can make you give it a try. Instead of ripping off all here, let’s check out the major one and explore them.

  • The movement is the primary thing that you have to focus on. The Automatic winding date movement is used in this watch that makes it better to prefer and highly reliable among others.
  • Coming to the size of dial 43.00 mm which looks really great and it is loved among divers. The divers watch mostly face issues due to the water but this model has ideal size, and it is pretty much closed tightly to avoid the issues with water.
  • Steel used to manufacturer this watch is premium, and it is not going to get issues from corrosion. It makes the watch better and highly reliable. You can find many watches on the market that are good in design, but they are made of a cheap quality material that’s why they aren’t practical.
  • The top glass of this dive watch is Sapphire, and it is domed on both sides making it better to prefer and rely on. Due to such reasons, you can focus on the purchase and get a quality product without a single issue.
  • Due to the anti-reflecting coating inside the watch, you are getting great ease while looking at the timing and you won’t find irritating. Such things cause most of the issues that’s why you can try out this watch without any issue.

These are some of the common and most popular features that you can get with this watch without any issue. If you love dive watches, then you can try it out without a single issue.

Additional Tweaks

The design is surely the most premium where quality is premium, and you will be getting a quality watch to use. If you love atomic watches, then this watch offers the similar feature here. You won’t be getting any issue with the daily life use.

Just wear the watch, and you are ready to dive into the ocean without any issue. The watch is waterproof till the lower part of the ocean, and it will not get corrosion and other issues due to water. The credit goes to the premium quality steel used in the manufacturing. It makes the watch highly reliable and better to prefer than usual.

If you want Swiss dive watch that is high end and offers the best quality, then this one is surely a great choice. You can try out Oris Aquis Date Blue Dial Watch without a single issue, and it will fulfill your need with ease.


Coming to the design, it is surely the most premium, and high-quality steel is used to manufacture it. You can buy the watch or check it out at stores to ensure that whether to buy it or not. If you want to buy the best design, then you can compare other watches including the bracelet options and you will find that this one is the top choice among buyer.

Its not about quality always because the brand matters a lot and Oris Aquis brings the best solution for you. It can provide you the quality watches without any issue.

Bottom Line

Above given are some of the major reasons that can make you buy this Swiss dive watch and get rid of all the issues. Make sure that you stay selective in approach while looking for the best watch and ordering it. There are limited pieces manufactured so you should order it as soon as possible to avoid getting into any issue and buying the right product for yourself. It is definitely the easy and reliable option.